What It Means to Be Blue Enterprises

For us, Blue Enterprieses means a well-planned execution that looks flawless to you, your customers and your team members. We believe in doing things right and doing right by people. We live it in our lives and our business.

It’s our mission to help you navigate change, scale quickly, and meet your objectives with the least amount of friction possible. With hundreds of customers, thousands of our device rentals, and countless restaurant technical support calls taken every year, it’s clear why so many business owners trust Blue Enterprises to deliver outstanding results.

To us, Blue Enterprises is the combination of doing what’s right and executing exceptionally; it encompasses everything we do. What can we help you accomplish?

We are real people ready to help you with laptops, Ipad, or Iphone rentals. Get a quote today.

We Believe


To simplify the process of leasing apple products and support through an unwavering desire and ability to do the job right, the first time.


To be the execution partner when businesses need to lease Apple equipment anywhere in metro Atlanta.


Commitment. Love. Accountability. Skill. Focus. It’s that simple.